Sale or repair of vehicles on the highway

Vehicles on the highway

Nuisance vehicles can consist of vehicles on the highway that are being -

  • repaired
  • advertised or exposed for sale

Vehicles involved with this activity may cause a nuisance to the local community in a variety of ways. Examples of nuisance activity that is caused by vehicles parking on the highway include –

  • taking up valuable parking spaces
  • damaging the highway
  • obstructing the highway
  • noise nuisance
  • contributing to antisocial behaviour
  • affecting the local environment quality

If this is found to take place, it may result in enforcement action. This may be taken against the business responsible, or owner of the vehicles.

This does not include the removal of any nuisance vehicles.

Stolen vehicles

Report vehicles you suspect of having been stolen, or involved in a crime, to Humberside Police. Call 101.