Untidy land

Untidy land is when land is neglected. This causes problems for the local community.

It can contribute to increased perceptions of crime or anti-social behaviour. It can result in one or more of the following to take place -

  • cause a nuisance
  • pose a risk to health
  • become unsightly
  • be detrimental to the neighbourhood
  • attracting other problems such as -
    • fly tipping
    • arson
    • criminal damage

We investigate matters relating to untidy land. We do it to make sure that owners and occupiers respect the local community and the environment.

It is the responsibility of owners and occupiers to maintain land to an acceptable standard. This is to make sure it does not cause a nuisance or become detrimental. This includes -

  • agents
  • private landlords
  • social landlords

Who may manage properties on behalf of owners.

The majority of problems relating to untidy land is often easy to put right. This can be by avoiding -

  • large accumulations of litter
  • accumulations of waste
  • significantly overgrown gardens
  • failing to remove accumulations of dog faeces
  • missing and damaged boundary fences result in nuisance or anti-social behaviour
  • abandoned vehicles, or parts from vehicles
  • if the land is unoccupied, by failing to regularly inspect the land and remove wastes fly tipped

If evidence is found that waste cleared from private land has been deposited by someone else, report what you find to us.