Eligibility criteria for bidding on homes

We are a social housing provider with limited housing stock. We have to restrict who can be considered for our different property types to make the best use of our stock. This is called our eligibility criteria. Even after applying, our eligibility criteria homes that become available have on average between 100 and 300 people bidding for each one that we advertise. Most of the people who bid are in housing need.

Eligibility criteria

When a property is advertised, it states what the eligibility criteria is. Make sure you only bid for properties you are eligible for. We do not consider any bids you place for properties you are not eligible for.

Lots of people apply for a council property because they would like a house but then find they are not eligible for a house. The following points should be taken into consideration when placing your bid.

The types of property that you will be considered for are marked with an 'X' below -

Household type Bedsit Flat Bungalow Maisonette House Pensioner designated house
Single or couple x x        
Single or couple with parental contact with children x x   x    
Group of adults   x   x    
Family with children   x   x x  
Family with adult children aged 18 and over   x   x    
Single or couple pension aged 60 and over x x x      
Pension age family aged 60 and over with children aged 0 to 17   x x x x x
Pension age family aged 60 and over with adult children or other adults   x x x   x
Any age with medical priority for all on one level accommodation x x x      

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