Lettings Feedback

Lettings feedback

Lettings feedback gives details of successful bids for council housing. We publish information about successful bids on a regular basis.

You can compare your own details with the details of those who were successful. This can help you to make more realistic bids in the future.

Homes that become available have on average between 100 and 300 people bidding for each one that we advertise. Most of the people who bid are in housing need.

The feedback relates to tenancies that have started within the dates given on each document. This means that the properties may have featured in different advertisements.

The feedback displayed on the online bidding system shows the status of each property from previous adverts along with the priority of the applicant that was the successful bidder.

You can access our lettings feedback.

If you are bidding unsuccessfully on properties, you should consider -

Be aware our properties are taking longer than usual to be ready for new customers to move into at present due to a number of reasons. We will contact you directly when the keys are ready. Thank you for your patience.

A mutual exchange may be the best option for you

If you are a current Hull City Council tenant, or a tenant with another local authority or registered provider, your best chance of finding a new home is to find a mutual exchange this is another tenant to swap homes with.