Pre-Tenancy interviews, offers and refusals

Pre-Tenancy interviews

If you are the successful bidder for a property

After bidding closes, we will contact the first eligible applicant on the list. This is usually by telephone to invite you to attend a pre-tenancy interview or arrange a transfer visit, if you are a council tenant already.

If we cannot contact, you by telephone we will try other methods such as email or letter asking you to respond. If you fail to respond we will class, it as your refusal of the property.

It is important you tell us if your contact details change. If we cannot contact you, we cannot offer you the property. We will also class this as your refusal the potential offer.

Pre-tenancy interview and transfer visits

The successful bidder will be invited to attend a pre-tenancy interview. A transfer visit will be arranged for current council tenants.

You will be asked to provide documentary evidence of your circumstances again. This is so that we can check all your circumstances are still the same.

We will carry out reference checks and ask how you intend to pay your rent

If you are a current council tenant, we will check your current property. We will advise you of any action you need to take before we can allow you to move.