Types of housing available

Private rented

Private rented homes can offer lots of different types and sizes homes in Hull. It can be quicker to get a home that is rented privately as there are no waiting lists. 

You can find a private rented home by looking on the internet. Search for 'private landlords' or 'letting agents in Hull'. You could also visit a local letting agent for more information and homes to rent.

Accreditation Schemes for Landlords

The Hull Accredited Landlord Scheme is for landlords and managing agents. It is used to look for and promote -

  • good property standards
  • good management practices
  • responsible tenants

You can find out which landlords in Hull are part of the Accreditation Scheme.

There are other websites that may help you find a home to rent-

Help with a bond or deposit

If you are homeless or threatened with homelessness, we may be able to help you with a bond or deposit.