Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice are an independent organisation that can provide assistance with a range of topics including -

Welfare benefits

Help can be provided, if you - 

  • are confused about your benefits
  • want to challenge a decision
  • need help and guidance with filling benefit forms in


Support can be offered if you -

  • are owed wages or have had wages unfairly deducted
  • have been unfairly dismissed
  • have been made redundant and need support


Help can be offered if you - 

  • are struggling to manage your bills 
  • have received letters from a bailiff or the court 
  • want to set up affordable repayment plans with creditors
  • want to check eligibility for bankruptcy or a DRO (Debt Relief Order) to clear your debts and have a fresh start 
  • would like budgeting advice 


Advice if you - 

  • need access to children
  • want residency of children, if your relationship is breaking down
  • are experiencing domestic violence
  • need advice on fostering or adoption


Support and advice may be available, if you -

  • have rent or mortgage arrears
  • are threatened with eviction
  • live in a rented house in a poor state of repair
  • are being harassed by a landlord or face homelessness
  • need representation in court


Support may be available, if you -

  • are seeking asylum
  • need help to bring family members to the UK
  • need to remain in the country for work

Community care

Help if you - 

  • are looking for advice on sheltered accommodation
  • need accommodation modified due to a disability
  • need a care assessment or want to challenge a decision
  • are disabled and need to allow a carer to access your finances
  • are a young carer looking after a family member

Small Claims

We can help you if you are making a small claim in court and need advice or support also GOV.UK.