Hull District Heat Network

We are working with appointed consultants. This is to understand the possibility of and develop a District Heat Network (DHN) connection to buildings within the city centre. The DHN will connect to a mix of Local Authority, private sector buildings and homes.

By utilising energy from waste heat, the network will provide resilient low carbon heat.

A district heat network consists of a series of pipes. The pipes are used to transport heated water to buildings connected to the network.

Water within the network is heated by a heat source. Once heated, the water within the pipes will complete a loop of the DHN. It heats connected buildings before returning to the heat source.

DHNs are widely adopted across the European continent. There are a series of networks in operation within the UK, including -

  • London
  • Glasgow
  • Nottingham
  • Manchester
  • Sheffield

Key benefits of the district heat network

The project has the potential to deliver a range of benefits including the -

  • provision of a sustainable large scale heat source. It proves an estimated CO2e saving between 98,000 to 126,000 tonnes. This is when compared to conventional heat sources and a route to net zero
  • opportunity to provide the public and private sector occupiers with a resilient and affordable heat supply. This is for the long term future
  • opportunity to reduce the level of maintenance and operation required to individual buildings. Having a centralised heat source can achieve this
  • opportunity to further extend the network and add more heat energy sources. This would be over the lifetime of the network
  • opportunity for education and the development of local skills
  • potential to provide lower heat costs for businesses and residents. The costs potential is in comparison to an air source heat pump

When this will begin

With necessary required funding and approvals, it is anticipated that the first phase of the project will begin works during 2024. It will be operational during 2025.

You can access the news site for updates on the project. You can also find information on the Carbon Neutral Strategy work.

Contact us

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There is a Hull District Network customer pack available for download