Parking Permits

Parking Exemption Permits

If you have a commercial vehicle and need to carry out maintenance or improvement work to roads and properties within the city, you can apply for a parking exemption permit (PEP).

To be issued with a PEP your vehicle cannot cause disruption and must be -

  • used to carry out essential work that requires the use of a commercial vehicle
  • applied for in advance by any interested party providing the vehicle registration number is known and payment is made
  • displayed clearly carrying your vehicle's specific registration number

There are 3 types of permits available.

Type of PEP Parking restriction Cost
Red city centre Park free of charge within a parking place or on double yellow lines £17 per day
Green outside city centre Park within a parking place indefinitely and also on double or single yellow lines £17 a week or £55 a month
Amber outside city centre Park within a parking place indefinitely but does not allow parking on double or single yellow lines £6 a week or £11 a month

Parking Exemption Permit application form.

Print this form off and take to your chosen library. Check the streets that exemptions are permitted below before attending the library.

Payment for the permit is taken at the library.

Payment can be made using -

  • cash
  • debit or credit card
  • cheque
  • postal order made payable to 'Hull City Council'

for the permit cost.

Your individual PEP details the full rules that apply.

Parking areas 

We are unable to provide PEPs for some streets that are too narrow to allow vehicles to park without causing an obstruction.

List of exemption street from parking exemption permits.

You may have previously been granted a PEP 1 of these streets, but these are no longer permitted.

If you want to enquire about parking on one of these streets, contact us by emailing

Or, you can telephone 01482 614 862.