Hull Royal Infirmary and environs Masterplan

NHS Hull University Teaching Hospital Trust propose to improve health care facilities at Hull Royal Infirmary. Large investment is being sought to fund new ward-based services and re-purposing certain floors for offices. These works include the possibility of building on the current Argyle Street car park. This includes new housing and a multi-storey car park.

Making the health campus easier to access is also being planned to include green and attractive routes from the bus/train stations. A further goal is to make new buildings more environmentally friendly and to encourage staff and visitors to use their cars less.

With these objectives in mind, NHS Hull University Teaching Hospital Trust has worked with the Council to prepare a Masterplan. The Masterplan looks to the future of this part of Anlaby Road. A Masterplan was developed (Building Design Partnership Ltd and Curtins Ltd are the principal authors) to ensure development over the long term (up to 15 years) happens in a co-ordinated and well-planned way.

The Masterplan has been agreed by the NHS Hull University Teaching Hospital Trust and the council. It is to be used in support of a funding bid to Central Government. It will also guide related future planning applications that may be for different phases or land uses. Care will be needed in making sure planning consents for different parts/phases fits with the elements of the Masterplan.

Further work is needed to support submissions. These include flood assessment and any related mitigations and on the need for parking. This is in addition to mitigating traffic impacts at certain junctions. Technical assessments will help determine these.

Parking needs will be based on anticipated demand and staffing/visitor numbers. This will be alongside a focus on physical measures that will make the hospital and related facilities more accessible. This will lead to more staff and visitors choosing to use public transport or to cycle or walk rather than use the private car. This will have to be measured.

The Masterplan is made up of different parts containing background information on -

  • constraints
  • design rationale
  • what was done to devise the plan including consultation with key stakeholders

The illustrative plan is also provided