Renting, Help to Rent

Renting, help to rent

It is useful to know the rights and responsibilities you and your landlord, or managing agent, have when you live in a privately rented home. Make sure you have a tenancy agreement, and you understand the terms. For example, your landlord has a legal obligation to put your deposit into a protection scheme.

It is the landlord’s responsibility to maintain the property and carry out repairs. You should speak to them when you have a problem. It is also their responsibility to make sure the property meets safety standards.

You are entitled to 24 hours’ notice from your landlord before they visit the property.

We also run a landlord accreditation scheme. This is to help promote good practice and standards.

Accredited landlords agree to work to a code of management and meet certain housing standards.

By choosing to rent a property from an accredited landlord you can feel confident that -

  • repairs are carried out in a reasonable timescale
  • the accommodation is of a good standard
  • the landlord will behave in a professional manner
  • you will be given notice before people enter your accommodation

You can access the list of Hull Accredited Landlords.

It is good to know when you rent a home what your rights and responsibilities are and also what is expected of your landlord.

Homes needing repair

It is the landlord’s responsibility to maintain the property, carry out repairs and make sure the property meets safety standards. Your landlord should give you 24 hours’ notice before visiting.

If your landlord has refused to carry out a repair, or they take too long to carry out repairs, you can report this to us. We can inspect the property and contact the landlord to talk about the repairs.

You can access more information on private rented housing conditions.