Ings regeneration

We have a 10-to-15-year regeneration programme for Ings which is well underway. 

An overview of this is provided in the master plan map for the area. This shows areas of Caspon houses that due to their construction have been demolished to create cleared sites for new house building.

New homes

The Holderness Road Corridor Area Action Plan which can be found here and the Ings Master Plan Map which can be found here provide a framework for the development of the area through the building of new homes and the creation of green and recreational spaces.

Compendium Living are our lead developer partner in the area building a range of housing including a mix of rental, private ownership, size, and type so that there are homes for everyone who wants to stay in the area.

The first development by Compendium Living of 65 new homes on the Leeway at Perivale and Petersham was completed in 2016 and is all sold or let.

83 homes on Surbiton Close for affordable rent and shared ownership from Together Housing have also been completed, funded with a Local Enterprise Partnership contribution.

The second phase of the Ings Regeneration, known as The Leeway 2 at Hammersmith Close, is now complete with 64 properties including four affordable rent bungalows and 60 homes which are all now sold.

Construction on the current phase The Leeway 3 at Battersea Close / Saltshouse Road area began in July 2019 with over half now completed. These 108 new homes includes 97 homes for sale and 11 homes for affordable rent from Together Housing. 

Planning was approved, at the same time as The Leeway 3, for the next phase (Middlesex/Chelsea Close) of 91 homes for sale and 11 homes for affordable rent from Together Housing and it is expected that building will start after the completion of The Leeway 3.

For new homes for sale contact the developer Compendium Living at the Sales & Marketing Suite on 01482 767 654.

Their office is open Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

Email -

Further information can be found on Compendium's website.

Site safety concerns

Construction sites can be dangerous places, and it is especially important to keep children and pets away from them at all times. At the end of each day site areas will be secured and left in a safe condition.

If you see anyone, especially children or young people, in site areas out of normal working hours telephone 0845 456 1380 as soon as possible.

Ings Regeneration Queries

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