High rises

Flat door renewals

We are replacing all of the high rise flat front doors with FD30 fire doors. FD30 means that the door needs to be 30 minute fire and smoke resistant. Kingstown Works Limited (KWL) will be replacing the doors and JP Developers are relocating the aerial and door entry cables. The work started in January 2022 and is ongoing to 1581 flats. The flats are being worked on one block at a time.

Our electrical contractors JP Developers will contact residents to arrange access to work on the flat door for the relocation of the aerial and door entry cables. After this KWL will write to residents with an appointment to replace the door. There will be contact details giving residents an opportunity to rearrange the appointment if it is unsuitable.

To prepare for the work residents will need to remove the following items if they have added them -

  • door cameras
  • doorbells
  • fitted knockers
  • personal signs

It is very important the door retains its full fire test integrity. All items above will not be allowed on the newly fitted door. Residents must not drill, stick or attach anything to either the inside or outside the door or frame in the future including -

  • signs
  • stickers
  • ornaments

Residents may be charged for any damage caused to the door or frame if items are found to have been added.

The old door and any fixtures will be removed from site.

Thank you in advance for you your assistance in helping us complete this important safety work.