Highway offences

It may be an offence to do any of the following on adopted public highway -

  • leave unmotorised vehicles such as caravans or trailers on the public highway
  • store materials or goods on the public highway (If material or goods are to be stored on the public highways for longer than a 24 hour period, then a permit must be taken out by the goods or materials owner).
  • drive along the footway and/or verge.
  • display unapproved signs on the public highway
  • allow vegetation to grow onto the highway (we don't deal with weed spraying on footpaths)
  • to have an illegal footpath crossing
  • place advertising boards on the highway
  • cause any other obstruction to the highway - this does not apply to vehicle obstructions or wheelie bin obstructions

Any of the above may cause an obstruction or difficulty to highway users and may put them at risk.

We will not become involved with people charging their electric vehicles. You will need to speak with the resident directly.

If we think you are committing a highway offence, we will advise you in writing.

If no action is taken to resolve the situation, such as the need to trim a hedge which is obstructing the highway, the Council is entitled to rectify the situation and recover its costs, if it sees fit. Anyone who commits such offences may be subject to legal action.

If you report a highway offence, we will investigate the situation on site within 24 hours and then take any appropriate action.

We also police unlawful activities that affect the legitimate use of the public highway, such as –

  • obstructions caused by -
    • overgrown vegetation
    • skips
    • building materials
    • scaffolding
  • leaving and storing caravans and trailers on the public highway
  • driving over the footpath to gain access to private property where no footpath crossing exists

Offenders are notified with the possibility of either enforcement and or legal action being taken.                                           

If you believe that a highway offence is being committed contact us.

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If a vehicle is causing an obstruction to your property this is a matter for the police. Ring the non-emergency number using 101.