Manhole covers

Most manhole covers are the responsibility of utility companies such as - 

  • Yorkshire Water
  • Kingston Communications
  • Transco 

Covers in the middle of the road are usually sewer manholes which Yorkshire Water are responsible for.

Other covers will often have the name of the company written on them.

We regularly check all adopted roads and footpaths, including manhole covers.

If we find a problem with a manhole cover, we report this to the relevant company. They are then required to respond with a certain amount of time depending on how serious the situation is.

Report a missing manhole cover

To make sure that we can respond immediately to the danger of a missing manhole cover please contact us on 01482 300 300.

We will ask -

  • for a description of the manhole cover
  • the nature of the defect
  • its location

Adopted roads

An adopted road is maintained through public money, for example by the council. Some roads are privately owned, and it is the owner's responsibility to take care of them.

We do not inspect A63/A1033 trunk road (Clive Sullivan Way, Castle Street, Garrison Road and Hedon Road) as these are operated by the Highways Agency and their consultants on behalf of the Department of Transport

If you report a problem with a manhole cover to us, we will inspect it within 24 hours.

The highway inspector will decide whether the utility company should take action, and will report it if necessary.

You can contact us by -

Telephone - 01482 300 300
Email -