Road markings, signs and signals

Requesting new road markings or traffic signs

We are responsible for the new road markings and traffic signs on the public highway.

Road markings can be advisory. For example-

  • keep clear markings
  • enforceable such as -
    • yellow lines
    • box junctions
    • stop lines
    • parking bays

Traffic signs can be enforceable, such as -

  • no entry
  • no waiting
  • speed limit signs and so on
  • give warnings, information or directions

H bar request

If you would like to request a H bar, make sure that you record why you require a H bar when completing the online form.

There is a £91 fee if your request is successful.

Once the request is received it will be looked at and considered. If approved, payment must be made in advance via cheque or card.

A member of staff will be in touch with you within 10 working days.

To request any new road markings or signs, complete the form below -

New road markings and sign requests (opens in new window)

Some new markings or signs will require a Traffic Regulation Order being made before they can be installed.

The request must first be advertised in the local newspaper and on site to allow anyone to object. Any objections are heard by the relevant area committee. If the committee overrules the objections, then the Traffic Regulation Order is made and the proposals installed.

We will remove any illegal signs. We also maintain -

  • road markings
  • signals and signs on the public highway which have been -
    • removed
    • damaged
    • faulty or have become faded

You can write to us on below address -

Traffic services
Hull City Council
2nd floor
Earle House
Colonial Street