Home education

Parents need to make sure that their children get an efficient, full-time education. It must be suitable to their -

  • age
  • ability
  • aptitude

This is by regular attendance at school or otherwise under section 7 of the Education Act 1996.

Before making a final decision, talk to your children's school in the first instance. Or you can contact the Education Welfare Service. This is if the decision to educate your children at home has been made because -

  • of a disagreement with a teacher
  • a school issue has not been resolved
  • you feel under any pressure to home educate

Before making decision, we recommend you -

  • consider all the implications carefully. Home educating is big responsibility that requires considerable commitment of time and energy
  • plan what you intend to do with your children before making decision. Consider the financial costs involved
  • are aware that your children may miss out on the social side of school. This is especially contact with friends and joint activities
  • think about the financial implications. There are no grants available to help with home education and you are responsible for all costs of -
    • materials
    • equipment
    • exams
  • consider that once you have removed your children from the school roll. They cannot be readmitted without reapplying through School Admissions. This process can take some time and it may not be possible for your children to be placed at school of their choice

There are helpful documents to inform you of home education and services available. They can inform you on supporting children and young people’s emotional health and wellbeing. It is available to download.

If you do decide to home educate your children, inform your children’s head teacher in writing. The school then pass this onto the Education Welfare Service. Your child’s name will be deleted from the School Register.

For questions about home education, contact us via -

A Local Authority Officer will contact you. They will arrange an initial home visit to discuss any questions you may have. Parents are not obliged to accept home visit. They are still expected to provide us with evidence that they are providing suitable education.