Virtual school for children in care

The Virtual School supports and challenges all those involved in the education of looked after and previously looked after children.

The Virtual School is not a physical environment. It works close with colleagues from the child’s educational provision to promote positive educational outcomes of Hull’s vulnerable children by-

  • improving the educational achievement of looked after and previously looked after children
  • maintaining a register of all looked after children placed in and outside of Hull and monitor admissions, attendance and exclusions to enable support where appropriate
  • supporting children, social workers, and carers from Early Years to Further Education
  • helping to speed up the decision-making where several agencies and teams are involved with a child

All children and young people in the care of us belong to the Virtual School as well as their allocated school or provision, whether it is in Hull or out of the county.

The Virtual School gives educational expertise around the issues that have an impact on children in care. It focuses on the child’s high aspirations and their educational achievement. It gives good advice with a good level of challenge to drive improvement.

By working together, we strive to support schools, social workers and carers to ensure good practice is circulated by-

  • ensuring there is robust Personal Education Plans (PEP) in place for looked after children with SMART targets and learner outcomes through monitoring
  • supporting designated teachers, social workers, and carers through training, termly network meetings and newsletters
  • supporting decision making where multi agencies and teams are involved with a young person
  • ensuring that school placements continue wherever possible and support transition when there is a change of placement

The Virtual School Team will make sure that schools and social workers hold Personal Education Plan (PEP) meetings. A member of the Virtual School will attend the PEP meeting. Especially where there are issues which are proving challenging in helping the young person to ‘close the gap’ with their peers.

Support available from the Virtual School

Education Coordinator Support

The Virtual School Education Co-ordinators work with the most complex cases on educational engagement, progress, and attainment.

If the measures the school have put in place for the child are not working, or if there are issues affecting their attendance, engagement and progress in school, the social worker can request an Education Co-ordinator Referral Form from the Virtual School. Education Co-ordinators often work with children and young people at risk of exclusion.

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