Animal welfare fees

These are the new fees from Saturday 1 April. All of our prices do not include VAT unless otherwise stated.


Licence type Duration in years Cost
Pet shops  One £136
Two £202
Three £249
Home boarding  One £59
Two £87
Three £108
Animal boarding establishments  One £142
Two £212
Three £265
Dog breeding establishments One £170
Two £255
Three £318
Day Care One £142
Two £212
Three £265
Variation of licence (all categories) n/a £53

Stray dogs

Offence Charge
First offence

£41 plus £7 per day kennel fee.

Charge is reduced to a fixed fee of £41 if a dog is collected within 24 hours

Second offence £63 plus £7 per day kennel fee

Subsidised neutering is available by arrangement with the dog wardens. Also microchipping is available at events organised by dog wardens at a cost of £10 per dog. Alternatively microchipping available at a cost of £16 in your own home. (VAT Inclusive)

Returning Stray Dogs

Transport of stray dog from kennels to owner within the Hull boundary £16.

Micro chipping default work

Attendance based on giving 24 hours notice £16. Attendance with warrant £120 (this may occur additional cost if joiner, police or vet attendance is required)