Dog fouling

You can report dog fouling that takes place on public land in Hull. This includes-

  • highways
  • footpaths
  • public land and open spaces for example parks and playgrounds
  • cycle paths
  • car parks

Landowners are responsible for clearing dog fouling on private land.

In order for us to take enforcement action we ask for a witness statement. If you are unwilling to provide a witness statement we will still investigate however without sufficient evidence enforcement action may not be taken.

You can report dog fouling using the online form below.

You cannot use this form to request -

We investigate reports against people responsible for dog fouling and take action against them if they are able to identify the person who left the dog fouling and they provide a witness statement. If you cannot provide evidence the report is submitted for clearance only. 

On the spot fines and penalties can also be given to an offender with further punishments for a refusal to pay. 

Visit GOV.UK to find out about the penalties that can be given for dog fouling


If you allow your dog to foul land and fail to clean it up you may receive- 

£50 fixed penalty

prosecution and a maximum penalty of £1000

Paying a fixed penalty

Visit our payments page to pay your penalty charge

Dog owner responsibilities

  • always pick up your dog’s mess 
  • double bag any dog wastes and dispose of this within the nearest street litter bin
  • if you can’t find a street litter bin, take it home and dispose of it within your black wheelie bin
  • never allow your dog to go out alone
  • if you have a garden, always encourage your dog to go there, where you can easily clean it up, bag it and bin it
  • always make sure when you pick up your dog’s lead, you also take plenty of bio-degradable plastic bags, or a poop scoop and remember the rain doesn’t wash the problem away
  • report dog fouling to be cleared to us
  • report damaged, missing or overflowing street litter bins here