Horses on the highway or council land

Untethered horses

If a horse is untethered, there is a greater risk that the horse could cause damage to persons or property or cause a road accident. Please report any untethered horses to the police on the non emergency number 101 or if on council property to us on 01482 300 300.

Tethered horses

You can report horses if they are located within the Hull boundary and they are on –

  • council land
  • the side of the road

Horses that are tethered on land outside the Hull boundary should be reported to East Riding of Yorkshire Council on 01482 887 700.

What happens next

Council land

We assess whether the location of the tethered horse is a risk to the public. If there is a risk we try to identify the owner, if identified they will be asked to remove the horse. If no owner is found or they refuse to remove the horse we take enforcement action to remove the animal and charges are made to the owner.

Private land

If complaints are received about the location of a tethered horse we contact the landowner to inform them. If they do not remove the horse we may visit to assess the situation. If the complaint is justified and the horse is posing a risk, enforcement action may be taken on the owner or the landowner to make them remove it.

Removing horses

In certain circumstances, we issue warning notices to the owners of tethered horses. If the horse is not moved away from council owned land it may be impounded. All horses are kept in safe and secure conditions as their welfare is a priority.

If your horse has been impounded, or you have received a notice to remove your animal from council land, please follow the instructions on the notice.