Signs of Rats

If you see any of the following, Rats may be present –

  • droppings - Cigar shaped, around 10mm
  • smears -  A waxy layer can be left over prominent objects
  • holes - Appear in the garden and are  approximately 6cm in diameter
  • gnawing - Rats gnaw continually, food packaging may be gnawed as well as non-food materials, in order to wear down their front teeth.
  • scratching - Can be heard under floors in the loft or behind walls.
  • paw prints - May be seen leading to distinct runs


We provide Rat treatments for domestic, commercial and industrial premises. We also provide permanent baiting contracts for businesses to prevent Rats.

Property type Price Appointments
Domestic Baiting - Free

Mornings between 9am and 12pm

Afternoons between 12pm and 4.30pm

Commercial/Industrial £56 per hour plus materials and VAT An Officer will contact you to arrange a visit

Rats in gardens

We will only treat Rats in gardens and open spaces where steps have been taken by the owner or occupier of the land to reduce the likelihood of an infestation and where we are satisfied there is evidence of Rats.

If you report Rats in gardens and open spaces, you will be sent an information leaflet with details of action which can be taken to reduce the likelihood of Rats on land. Further information on the process to be followed if these actions are not sufficient to eradicate the infestation are contained with the leaflet.