Antisocial behaviour

You can report antisocial behaviour such as –

Neighbourhood nuisance - you don't have to put up with it image

  • misuse of public space - groups of people congregating in green spaces designed for recreation such as parks and sports fields. These groups could be drinking alcohol, dropping litter and dangerous items such as broken bottles
  • intimidation and harassment - verbal abuse, actual violence and threats of violence
  • criminal activity - selling drugs, prostitution and selling and receiving of stolen goods
  • noise nuisance - loud music, televisions or dogs barking
  • graffiti and vandalism - damage to personal property like your car or your home

If it is an emergency and the situation is health or life threatening, telephone 999.

If you wish to remain anonymous it is important you provide as many details as possible as it is difficult for us to progress the case.

What happens next

We provide a first response within two working days, which is usually in the form of a telephone call. We discuss the issue with you and agree a course of action. Our enforcement officer responsible for your case takes appropriate action and updates you regularly on the progress, if you have provided your details.

Keep a log of any further related incidents, including dates and times, to add to your case and help with our investigations. 20200119003155