Arts grants

You may be eligible to apply for a grant of up to £5000 if you are organising an activity that -

  • is within the Hull city boundary and open to the general public
  • serves an identified interest group
  • increases the range of art opportunities available to local communities
  • supports and celebrates cultural diversity
  • develops local artistic talent
  • promotes innovation and excellence

Before you start

To apply online you need -

  • details of any financial support you are currently receiving or we (the council) have given you previous
  • information about financial support you are receiving from other sources
  • a detailed budget showing projected income and expenditure
  • references and supporting statements

Important information

  • You need to submit your application at least six weeks before the activity and demonstrate a clear need for a grant
  • You cannot apply for help with travel or individual tuition
  • Grants are not transferable to other parties or events
  • We do not accept grants for events that have already taken place
  • Charity fundraising events, private parties, political and religious events are not eligible
  • If you are making an application as an individual applicant you must provide two independent referees

What happens next

We assess all applications against our priorities, terms and conditions, and the funds available. We send decision letters to all applicants regardless of the decision made. 

Successful applicants must accept any offer in writing and payment will be arranged directly into your bank account once acceptance has been confirmed.