Housing Benefit

Hull is a Universal Credit full service area from 12 December 2018 which means that most working age households will need to claim Universal Credit for help with their housing costs.

Visit our Universal Credit page for further information

You can only make a new claim for Housing Benefit if the following applies to you -

  • you are of State Pension age
  • Find out when you will reach Pension age on the GOV.UK website
  • you have been placed in temporary accommodation by the council
  • you live in accommodation where you receive care and support as part of living in your home 
  • you currently have, or did have within the last month, the Severe Disability Premium included within the assessment of your Income Support, Jobseekers Allowance, Employment and Support Allowance or Housing Benefit

If one of the above applies you must also be on a low income and have less than £16,000 in savings or receive Pension Guaranteed Credit to make a new claim for Housing Benefit.

If you are applying for or already receiving Universal Credit you will need to make a separate claim for Council Tax Reduction.

You can check how much you could receive by using our benefit calculator

How to apply

You can apply for Housing Benefit using our online form -


You do not need to apply to us if you made a claim in the last four weeks for one of the following (if it was more than four weeks ago you will need to fill in a form) -

  • Income Support
  • Job Seekers Allowance
  • Employment Support Allowance

The application form tells you what we need proof of. You must make sure you provide all the proofs we need.

Visit our supporting proofs page for more information

Help with forms

If you need help to complete your application form you can visit a Customer Service Centre or ask a third party to help you such as a friend, relative, housing officer, landlord or welfare support officer.

With your consent third parties, such as an appointee can be told information and contacted about your claim.

Visit our third party page for more information.

Sharing information with your landlord

With your permission we can share information with your landlord. this might help us deal with your application more quickly.

More information about sharing information with your landlord can be found here

Backdated payments

Payments of Housing Benefit normally start from the Monday after you make a claim.

If you are of pension age this is automatically considered when you submit your application.

If you are of working age the maximum period a backdate can be awarded for is one month.

You must have a good reason why the backdate is being requested and the application was not made at the earlier date.

To apply you need to put the request in writing. Your request should -

  • show the date you want your benefit to start from
  • give as much detail as possible stating the reasons why you did not claim earlier
  • include any supporting evidence

If you would like to know how much benefit you may be able to receive or help with budgeting, visit our benefit calculator and budgeting tools