Rent arrears advice

Rent arrears

Getting into rent arrears can be distressing but there are ways you can check if you are responsible for paying them and if so, there are options of affordably repaying them.

You can request to have money deducted from your Income Support benefit, income based Job Seekers allowance or Income based Employment and Support allowance to help you repay your rent arrears if they owe a minimum of four weeks times your full weekly rent, and you have occurred the arrears over the previous eight weeks or longer.

We can provide you with help and support if you are in arrears with your council rent.

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Alternatively, Citizens Advice can provide you with independent information and advice on dealing with your rent arrears.

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Help with your rent

Citizens Advice can provide you with further information about your Housing Benefit and Universal Credit claims.

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Legal advice on your home

We can provide you with legal advice on issues with your home.

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Refund of overpaid rent for council tenants

If you have overpaid your council housing rent and have a credit on your rent statement, you can request that this is refunded to you by cheque.

Before we can provide the refund by cheque, your Tenancy Officer will need to carry out various checks including any pending benefits adjustments.

Housing Finance will not issue cheques for refunds under £10.00.

If your enquiry is relating to any of the below, please click on the blue button and complete the form to send this to your relevant housing office, who will look into your query and contact you back to discuss your query,

  • Receiving a Notice of Possession
  • A court hearing date
  • Struggling to pay their rent/ wanting to make arrangements
  • How much rent they owe
  • Refund of overpaid rent
  • Rent arrears