Help with debt and money

Dealing with money and debt is an important part of life. If not managed this can cause a lot of stress and unrest. 

Help with debt

For support and advice with debt the following can provide you with more information. 

Citizens Advice can provide you with independent information on debt. 

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GOV.UK can help with options for dealing with your debts. 

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Help with bills

Bills are essential in everyday life. The following can provide you with advice and support. 

Citizens Advice can provide you with independent support. 

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Help with budgeting

Budgeting money can be difficult and confusing the following can give you tips and advice. 

Citizens Advice can provide you with a tool and information to work out your budget. 

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Hull Money 

Hull money is a broker website in Hull offering alternatives to high cost loans, savings accounts bank accounts and weekly payment stores. 

Hull Money can provide you with information and support. 

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MAS debt Advice 

If you are struggling with debt, specialist debt teams can work with you to identify your options and move forward with your situation. 

They can assist you with-

  • priority debts, including rent or mortgage arrears
  • council tax arrears 
  • gas and electricity arrears

 They can also help you with non-priority debts such as consumer credit debts. The team also works closely with Hull Combined Court on debt related issues. This can include housing possession and eviction for rent arrears, varying county court judgments for debt and assisting with county court bailiffs.

Money Advice Service can provide free and impartial money advice, set up by the government. 

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