Benefit calculator

When we calculate your benefit we take into account the following -

  • how much money you and your partner have coming in each week
  • any saving and investments you and your partner have
  • who lives in your household and their circumstances
  • how much rent you are charged
  • how much Council Tax you have to pay

Benefit is calculated comparing your income and household circumstances to an amount the government says you need to live on each week.

Use our benefits calculator to see how much Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction you might be able to receive.

Please Note: From April 2019 a working age person is not entitled to a Council Tax Reduction if they have £6000 or more in capital and savings, the calculator may not give you an accurate calculation if you enter capital and savings of £6000 or more after this date.

If either you or your partner are self employed or a student the calculator is  unable to give you an accurate estimate of benefit due to the type of income you receive.