Benefit cap and social sector size criteria

The Benefit cap -

  • applies if you have not reached the qualifying age for state pension credit
  • is a limit on the total amount of benefit you can receive when you are not working
  • is worked out by adding together income from benefits. Where the total exceeds £284.62 per week for lone parents or couples with or without children, or £257.69 per week for single adults, Housing Benefit is capped (reduced) by the excess amount.

For more information visit GOV.UK

Social sector size criteria (known as the bedroom tax)

Housing Benefit, for a person who rents their home from the council or a housing association, is reduced if there are more bedrooms in your home than your household needs.  If you have one spare bedroom your eligible rent is reduced by 14 per cent, if you have two or more spare bedrooms your eligible rent is reduced by 25 per cent.

More information can be found on our LHA room calculator page


If you would like to know how much benefit you may be able to receive or help with budgeting, visit our benefit calculator and budgeting tools