Direct payment to landlord requests

The local housing allowance (LHA) benefit is usually paid to you. However, in some circumstances we can decide to pay benefit direct to your landlord.

We can decide to pay direct to your landlord where you are -

  • likely to have difficulty in managing your financial affairs
  • is eight or more weeks in arrears with their rent 
  • unlikely or improbable to pay your rent

Requesting a direct payment

You, your landlord or persons acting on your behalf,  can inform us that you are having difficulty paying your rent or are unlikely to pay your rent. This should be in writing. Landlords can contact us if you are getting into arrears with your rent.

Direct payment decisions

Benefits staff make the decision to make direct payments based on evidence received.

We must have evidence to show that it is in your interests that we pay the landlord directly. We can in some circumstances pay the landlord for up to eight weeks while we are making our decision.

When a decision has been made you and the landlord (where appropriate) are notified.

More information can be found here about reconsiderations and appeals

Making a request 

Complete one of the following forms that best relates to you and return it.

If you are a tenant or the tenant's representative -

If you are a tenant and would like to give consent to housing benefits to contact and inform third parties on your behalf -

If you are a landlord and would like to request direct payments -

Guidance notes for both forms can be found below -