Bereavement law and support

If you are preparing a will or need support or funding for a funeral the following may give you some advice and support. 

Make a will 

Making a will to plan what is going to happen with your assets after you death can be confusing. 

Citizens Advice can provide you with independent information and support.

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GOV.UK can provide you with support and advice on writing a will. 

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Registrars services

Experiencing a death is a difficult time and can be confusing. 

We can provide you information on registering a death and what to do next. 

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Citizens Advice can provide you with independent support on what to do after a death. 

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Funeral payments 

Paying for a funeral can be difficult and expensive. You may be entitled to financial support. 

Citizens Advice can provide you with independent advice and support. 

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GOV.UK can provide more information on bereavement support payments. 

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