Marriage and relationships

The below websites can provide you with advice and support in regards to the law with marriage and relationships.

Marriage and Law 

If you need legal advice in relation to marriage you can find support on the following websites. 

We can provide you with advice on what processes you need to take before a marriage. 

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Citizens Advice can provide you with independent legal advice on living together, marriage and civil partnership. 

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GOV.UK can provide you with further information on getting married. 

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Divorce and relationship breakdown 

The following can provide you with further legal advice if you are experiencing a divorce or a relationship breakdown. 

Citizens Advice can provide you with independent advice in respect of ending a relationship. 

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GOV.UK can provide you with more information on separating and divorce.

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Contact arrangement with your child or children

If you need support and advice with arranging contact with your child or children the following websites can offer you further information and guidance. 

We can provide you with support on child welfare during a divorce or separation. 

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Citizens Advice can provide you with independent information on making child arrangements. 

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Family Law Clinic

Family law clinic helps support and guide people through the family court process.  It helps people who -

  • cannot afford a solicitor
  • cannot get legal aid 
  • have cases which involve domestic violence

To refer yourself to the project call 01482 226 859.