Targeted Youth Support (TYS)

The Targeted Youth Support Team offer support, information and advice to young people aged 16 -21. 

Eligibility for the service 

The following groups are eligible for the service - 

  • young people aged 16 or 17, Child in need,  UASC, Looked After Children 
  • young people 18+ young people open to the TYS service (allocated or duty)
  • care leavers aged 16 -25 (eligibility for those over 21 will require an open allocation to leaving care)
  • out of town care leavers16 -21. Advice and information only can be provided.

Accessing Housing Options Appointments    

Direct access duty service delivered daily at Kenworthy House  Mon - Fri  12pm - 4pm
Telephone and email booking requests for Options Appointments  Mon - Fri  8.30 am - 4.30pm


The offer - Homeless Prevention and Relief

We offer - 

  •     housing options interviews and provision of allocated worker
  •     personalised Housing Plan
  •     same day crisis responses via daily duty service 
  •     early intervention to avoid crisis 
  •     family / Landlord mediation
  •     information and advice available to young people and families to help plan transitions and avoid crisis 
  •     star assessment and wider support needs planning and 
  •     access to appropriate integrated services across IYS and Children’s services 
  •     prevention payments 
  •     welfare rights advice/support and signposting
  •     access to Passport to a Property independent living skills programme
  •     assisted register/bidding and awareness of realistic choices 
  •     1:1 Independence training through provision of an allocated worker 
  •    co-ordination and provision of temporary accommodation options as part of pathways approach
  •    consideration and support for S20 duties detailed within the Children Act 1989
  •    prevention payments
  •    access to the Shared Tenancy Scheme
  •    access to advocacy support 

The TYS Positive Pathway Framework five steps approach


Information and advice 


Early intervention and homeless prevention


Housing and childrens service intergrated hub/gateway

4. Commissioned accommodation and support


Range of housing options

The service offer - 

  • Universal offer
  • Engage families and YP Myth busting sessions 
  • Awareness sessions in schools and colleges
Targeted reponse to those most at risk of homelessness

Wider specialist colocated YP services 

Needs assessment SPA  coordination and prioritisation

Range of options available to meet needs

Flexible outreach support which stays with YP

YP specific options  -

  • Flexible support 
  • Affordable/safe accommodation 
  • Creative approaches and partnerships

Desired result -

  • YP aware of the reality of housing choices and empowered to plan their transitions and where to access support 
Slow the process down and plan transitions preventing crisis and homelessness

Homelessness is prevented/relieved 

Quick access to accommodation and support

YP gain the stability and skills they need and become engaged with ETE options and move on

YP are economically active 

Range of suitable affordable options


Contact us

Our office hours are -

  • Monday to Thursday 8.30am to 5pm
  • Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm

By telephone -

  • 01482 615602

By email -