Bulky item collection

STOPPRESS:  Household Waste Recycling Centres and bulky item collections

created: Tuesday, 5 January, 2021 - 16:13

Annual free collection

Households are eligible for one free bulky item collection of up to five items in a 12 month period.

Additional charges

If you need to dispose of more than five items in a 12 month period this will require an additional collection with a minimum charge of £22.

Some items cannot be included in a free collection, these incur an additional charge from the price list below.

DIY items remain chargeable for all collections.

Items we collect

You can request the following items be collected free of charge –

Household appliances -

  • computers
  • cookers
  • dishwashers
  • fridges
  • microwaves
  • ovens
  • televisions
  • tumble dryers
  • vacuum cleaners
  • video and dvd players
  • washing machines

Household furniture - 

  • bed frames
  • book cases
  • cabinet
  • dining chairs
  • dining tables
  • headboards
  • mattresses
  • sofas

Other - 

  • animal hutches
  • barbecues
  • bikes
  • carpets
  • lawn mowers
  • toys
  • underlay

Collection charges for DIY items

We collect DIY items for the following charges -

Item Cost
Domestic radiators (not iron or brick filled) £22 each
Gas central heating boilers £27 each
Laminate flooring First room £32, additional rooms £16.50 each
Gas and electric fires £22 each
Wooden fire surrounds £22 each
Stone and tile fire surrounds £43.50 each
Bathroom suites £54 each
Single bathroom items £22 each
Kitchen units Single units £22 each, six units or more £54
Kitchen sink unit £22 each
Worktops First three worktops £27, additional worktops £12 each
Fencing panels Up to five panels £32, additional panels £12 each
Fitted wardrobes £32 each
Internal doors First door £22, additional doors £12 each
External doors (all types) First floor £32 , additional doors £12 each
Window frames First frame £22, additional frames £12 each
Shed (must be dismantled) Up to 8ft x 6ft £42, over 8ft x 6ft £65
Greenhouse (must be dismantled) Up to 8ft x 6ft £42, over 8ft x 6ft £65
Piano £40 each
Decking Up to 10 metres £32, each extra metre £12
Other (Unlisted chargeable items) £50

Request a bulky item collection

Use our online form to submit your request, charges can be paid using a debit or credit card -

You are able to -

  • update
  • cancel
  • change

your bulky item collections day as long as it is done within 48 hours before the collection takes place.

You can do this by using the reference number you were provided when making the booking.

Items we don't collect

We don't collect -

  • any items which can be recycled in the blue or brown bin
  • bags or boxes of general waste
  • gas bottles (please contact supplier as detailed on bottle)
  • fluorescent tubes
  • asbestos
  • broken glass
  • tyres
  • trees
  • rubble
  • paint tins (empty or full)
  • car batteries
  • fire damaged items

Collection point

Items are collected from within the boundary of your property. Items must be accessible from 7am on the scheduled appointment day. Items may be collected by more than one crew for recycling purposes.

Access to items

You must ensure all items can be accessed by our collection crew.

If we cannot access the items, we will leave a customer response card.

If your wheeled bin is presented in a tenfoot, bulky items should be presented in your front garden so our vehicle can gain access.

Missed bulky item collections

In the unlikely event that your collection does not take place, you can report this to us online.