Clinical waste collection service

Clinical Waste Collection Service

We provide a weekly clinical waste collection service free of charge to residents who have a medical condition and need a yellow striped bag collection.

We also provide this service at an economic rate for commercial customers. Please email enquiries to

What you need to know

If you consider your waste infectious or hazardous, please consult your healthcare professional who will advise on the type of collection you need.

If your healthcare professional advises that your waste needs a yellow striped bag collection, please contact us using the form below.

If your healthcare professional advises that your waste is not infectious or hazardous, you can use your black bin to dispose of your hygiene waste.

If you no longer need a yellow striped bag collection, it can be cancelled using the form below

Hygiene Waste

Waste such as below, produced in the home, is classed as hygiene waste - 

  • incontinence waste
  • catheters
  • non-infectious dressings
  • sanitary waste
  • stoma bags
  • soiled bedding

Please double bag this waste using bin liners and place it in your black wheeled bin. If your healthcare professional thinks you generate too much waste, we may be able to offer a yellow striped bag collection.

Infectious Waste

We do not collect infectious or hazardous waste. Please contact your healthcare professional for more information and to arrange its safe disposal.

Additional bin capacity

If your hygiene waste exceeds your current black bin capacity you can request an additional bin.

Request an additional bin


Yellow striped bags for non-infectious clinical waste are provided free of charge for residents and will be delivered at the time of collection.

Bags must be securely fastened. If incorrectly presented, an operative will attempt to contact you to explain how the bags should be presented for collection.

Collection point

Collection will be from within the boundary of the property, for example, in the front garden or driveway. Operatives will not enter your home to collect the waste.

Please note that yellow striped bags must be accessible at the time of collection. If access cannot be gained and our staff cannot contact you, we will return on the next scheduled collection day to attempt to make a collection.

Change of collection date

We will let you know if your day of collection is to be changed.

Holiday arrangements

The service does not run on Bank Holiday Mondays. Following bank holidays the collection will take place one day later than the standard schedule with the non-working day made up by working a Saturday.

The service does not run on -

  • Christmas Day
  • Boxing Day
  • New Years Day

As a result collections will be affected in a different way every year over this Christmas period. Collections are pushed back one day as a result of each of the bank holidays and the non-working days made up by working multiple Saturdays. It will usually take three weeks for the collection arrangements to return to normal.

Please refer to the bin collection day checker for details.

Bin Collection Day Checker

Sharps (needles)

Please place your used sharps in a yellow-lidded sharps container. We can collect boxes of sharps if you are unable to return your container to your local pharmacy for disposal.

Replacement sharps boxes are not provided by the Waste Management department. Your healthcare professional should be able to arrange this for you.

To request a sharps box collection please select the link below - 

Request a sharps collection