Blue bin

What goes in your blue bin
Blue Bin Open

Only these items listed below go in the blue bin -

  • paper
  • empty aerosol cans
  • cardboard                
  • empty tins and cans
  • empty plastic bottles
  • empty food containers (excluding polystyrene)
  • clean kitchen foil
  • empty glass bottles and jars
  • empty food and drinks cartons (tetrapak)
  • telephone directories
  • books
  • empty carrier bags

If in doubt leave it out


All items must be placed in the bin loose and not in carrier bags or bin bags or it will not be emptied.


no bagged waste logo

No bagged waste
(This includes carrier bags, black bin bags and other bin bags)

No food waste logo
No food waste
no nappies logo
No nappies
No clothes logo
No clothes or textiles


Tip - Keep it clean

Tip any food residue into your food waste caddy and give the items a quick swill in the washing up water after you've done the dishes. 


Your blue bin is emptied every two weeks. Please put your bin out by 7am at the boundary of your property and return it as soon as you can after it’s been emptied. Bins will be emptied between 7am and 4.30pm. If your bin is missed, please contact us within 48 hours of your collection day.


Assisted collections

If you need help moving your bin, you can request an assisted collection by telephoning 01482 300 300 or email 


Request replacement, additional bins or cancel a service

You can request up to two additional blue bins per household to help you recycle more. To apply for an additional bin, please complete the online form available below -



  • keep bin lids closed
  • number your bins