Commercial waste and recycling collection service

COVID-19 Service Update - 

If you are a commercial waste customer and wish to suspend your waste collections due to your business being closed because of the COVID 19 pandemic, we will honour this.

We will suspend collections until you contact us to restart them and you will not be charged for any collections that do not take place. We are also able to amend or increase collections should your business require us to.

Please either email or call 01482 300 301 to arrange this.

We offer a competitive waste and recycling collection service for businesses in Hull that is charged at a weekly fee with no hidden costs, such as bin rental or admin charges.

We provide a high standard of service and guarantee your business a range of containers to suit your business needs and a comprehensive service to help you ensure the majority of your waste is recycled.

Our charges April 2020 - April 2021


Price per bin collection

Bin size

General waste

Mixed dry recycling*

140 litre
(1083 x 550 x 480mm)

Not available


240 litre
(1100 x 740 x 580mm)

£7.54 £6.05

360 litre
(1100 x 880 x 580mm)

£9.41 £7.54

770 litre
(1350 x 1250 x 785mm)

£14.98 £12.01

1100 litre
(1470 x 1250 x 980mm)

£17.53 £14.05

* Mixed dry recycling includes -

  • paper
  • card
  • cans
  • glass bottles and jars
  • plastic bottles and containers
  • tetrapak containers

We do not apply VAT to commercial waste and recycling collection services so if you are not VAT registered our prices are even cheaper.

Minimum collection for recycling is fortnightly.

How to order

To discuss your requirements before we send you the combined commercial waste agreements for you to sign and return - 

Email -
Telephone - 01482 300 301

You can download waste agreements and guidance below - 

Once completed please scan or post to us at the below address - 

Email -
Post - Trade Waste Team 
           Hull City Council 
           Staveley House 
           Stockholm Road 
           HU7 0XW

What happens next

When we receive your signed agreement we -

  • deliver your containers within two working days
  • return a copy of the countersigned agreement to you together with an information pack 

The pack includes A4 stickers for your bins so they can be easily identified by our collection crews.

You are invoiced quarterly in arrears and payment can be made by cash, cheque or BACS.


All containers must be accessible for collection by us between 7am and 4pm on the day of collection.

If we fail to collect scheduled waste collections and it is our fault, we endeavour to rectify this within 24 hours of you notifying us. please contact us on - 

Email -
Telephone - 01482 300 301

We only collect waste and recycling that is in the bins. If you have additional waste or recycling to be collected you may need to order an extra bin.

If you need additional collections or have large items you would like collecting please call us for a quote. 

Further information

You can request further information or make changes to your service by contacting us. 

Email -
Telephone - 01482 300 301