Childcare advice

Use the following advice to choose the right childcare for you -

  • research the options - contact the family information service (FIS) for a list of registered childcare in your area and get advice from friends and family
  • shop around - aim to visit at least two or three places to meet the carer and compare what’s on offer
  • think about your child’s age and personality – consider if they would need one-on-one attention or if they are quite independent?
  • ask to see the Ofsted inspection report - it should be available in all childcare settings
  • consider combining care - if you can’t get care at one place to suit all your needs, you could combine care with two settings, for example, if you needed care for five days a week and your child could only attend nursery for two of those days, perhaps you could get a childminder for the remaining days
  • revisit preferred places - don’t feel guilty about going back for a second or third look if you want
  • get it in writing - once you have made a decision, your childcare provider will ask you to sign a contract/letter, outlining details such as costs, rules and hours. Read it carefully before signing and keep a copy for your reference
  • read your contract carefully - different providers have different admissions policies or retainer fees covering sickness, holidays and holiday periods. Check carefully to ensure you know what you are charged and not charged for
  • plan in advance - even if you’re not ready for childcare, give yourself plenty of time to make your choice. Some childcare providers have waiting lists for places

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