Children's Social Workers

What children's social workers do and how they can help

Social workers have a legal responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of vulnerable children who may be at risk of harm. If a social worker has asked to visit you it is usually because either you have asked for help, or someone who knows your family has contacted Children's Services because they are worried about your children and think you might need some help.

The Social Worker's prime focus will be ensuring your child or children has the care and support they need. The Social Worker will try to support parents to ensure children's needs are met but if parents have care or support needs their own right a referral to adult services or other community based services maybe appropriate. Agencies such as Citizens Advice can provide information for support with debts, health services, health concerns, substance misuse.

Find out more about The Citizens Advice Bureau

The first thing a social worker will do is explain why they need to visit you, who is worried and what those worries are. The social worker may need to visit your family to do an assessment, the purpose of the assessment is for you and the social worker about what support you might need to help keep your child safe and well.

The assessment will usually take place in your family home and the social worker will need to speak to you, your children, your wider family if needed and any other professionals working with you to share information about the sort of help and support you might need. For example your family GP.

Once the social worker has gone through the assessment with you they will talk to you about suitable services to support you to make the changes needed. It may be that you just need a small or short service which you could access in the community, the social worker can tell you about what's available and help you to get in touch with these services.

If there are several worries and you need more help, the social worker will put together a plan of support with you and your family. They will arrange to meet with you, the family and friends you have said could help and other professionals, such as the school and/or health visitor. In this meeting you can agree what the support or safety plan will look like.

The support or safety plan will be written down so everyone is clear about what needs change, who in your family will be helping and what services are going to be involved to support you. 

The social worker will co-ordinate the services and regularly meet with you and the others in your support/safety network to review the plan with you. The aim of the social workers involvement is to help you build on the things that are already going well in your family and to reduce the worries that were identified in the assessment , so your children can remain safe and well. As things change the social worker will talk to you about how things are going and whether more or less help and services are needed.

How to contact a social worker

For children and young people who current have an allocated social worker contact your locality children’s safeguarding team or 01482 300 300.

East Locality

87 Preston Road



Telephone: 01482 615075

Email address:


North Locality

McMillan Centre

21st Avenue



Telephone: 01482 612900

Email address:


West Locality

Bradbury House

Porter Street



Telephone: 01482 614001

Email address:

A social worker must have a recognised qualification such as a Diploma in Social Work or Degree in Social Work and be registered with Social Care England. If you want to check that your social worker is registered

A social worker must have a recognised qualification such as a Diploma in Social Work or Degree in Social Work and be registered with Social Care England. If you want to check that your social worker is registered 

Visit Social Work England Website 

If you are unhappy with the social work service you have received to meet your child's needs

Ask to speak to the team manager of the social worker you are working with, they will try to sort out the situation with you. If you remain unsatisfied with the managers response and wish to make a formal complaint, you will need to contact the Children's Complaints Team.

Feedback on how we are doing is extremely important, compliments and complaints are how we know how we are really doing and learning how we can get better.

If you would like to contact the Children's Complaints Team

Telephone - 01482 616 143

Email -

Or write -

The Children's Complaints Team
Brunswick House
Strand Close