Contact with looked after children

Some children and young people are looked after by Hull City Council and are subject to a court order which means that they have a care plan. Their care plan says why a child is living in a children's home or foster placement. 

It is very important that children and young people stay in touch with their family and friends. It is only when they might be hurt or a Court Order says that contact is not allowed, that some children will not be able to have visit or have visits from their family or friends. 

The care plan will explain details about contact, including -

  • what is supposed to happen in respect of contact arrangements
  • who is allowed contact if the child is subject to a Court Order
  • how frequent this access may be
  • what form it may take, whether it is supervised access or indirect access or that no contact with the child is allowed due to child protection concerns in relation to some adults

Contact us

All enquiries in respect of any child that is looked after by Hull City Council, should be made directly to the relevant locality team.


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