Neighbourhood plans

Communities can now prepare neighbourhood plans to influence the future of their areas. These allow communities to set out their vision for their local area and general planning policies to guide development in their neighbourhood.


Visit the Locality website to learn how to prepare a neighbourhood plan 

We realise that neighbourhood planning and the rules that communities need to follow can be complex so we have prepared a protocol to help communities decide whether to get involved in neighbourhood planning and help them in preparing a plan if they do.



You should contact us before the submission of details about the plan area and forum.

As part of preparing a neighbourhood plan, you will need to collect facts and figures about your area. Facts and figures can be found by visiting the Humber Data Observatory.

Visit Humber Data Observatory 


Neighbourhood plans progress

A number of neighbourhood plans are being produced in Hull. Information is available on specific community web sites although the Council has formally agreed to accept a number of plan areas and Forums covering parts of West Hull.

Newington neighbourhood plan

This is being progressed by consultants for the local Forum and is available to access via the following link. Further details will be available to view once this is submitted for independent testing.

Visit the Newington neighbourhood forum website 

Thornton neighbourhood plan

An application was made to the Council by Thornton Area community representatives in August 2015 requesting the agreement of the Council to designate the Thornton Neighbourhood Area as a Neighbourhood Area and that they become a constituted Neighbourhood Forum for that Area.  

The proposal was subject to consultation at public meetings of the Riverside Area Committee on 9th September 2015 and the Planning Committee on 20th October 2015 before being supported at a meeting of the Council’s Cabinet on 26th October 2015.

Minutes for 26 October 2015

The Neighbourhood Forum brought forward their proposal to establish the Thornton Neighbourhood Plan for the area.  That proposal was subject to consideration at public meetings of the Riverside Area Committee and the Planning Committee on 14th June and endorsed for consultation on 26th June 2017 

Minutes for 26 June 2017

The submission version of the plan was made available on the Council’s website along with the Policies Map and made available for inspection at The Octagon, Walker Street, Hull and the Wilson Centre, Alfred Gelder Street, Hull, HU1 2AG, and can be found below - 



Following the period of consultation the Thornton Plan was subject to examination by an Independent Examiner in February 2018. The Examiner commented upon the Consultation Statement submitted by the Forum as follows - 

'The Consultation Statement (December 2017) provides the detail of the community engagement setting out who was consulted, how they were consulted, the main matters raised by those consulted and the steps taken to consider and, where appropriate, address those main matters.  It is clear from this that extensive attempts have been made to engage with the community and stakeholders.  Methods utilised included community engagement in the form of face-to-face consultations during June/July 2017; a neighbourhood plan letter to stakeholders; a leaflet and newsletter and conversations with the community up to May 2017.  The consultation required by Regulation 14 was carried out between 16 May and 30 June 2017 and included targeted community engagement, letters sent to previous stakeholders and a newsletter sent to all households.  Following submission of the Plan for examination on 1 December 2017, the consultation required by Regulation 16 was also carried out, concluding on 31 January 2018.  It attracted 7 responses, including one objection.'

In his report the Examiner endorsed the plan, subject to changes, and agreed that the plan progress to a public Referendum to determine whether it can be used to help determine planning applications within the area. The Examiners’ Report is provided below for information, along with the Council’s Decision Statement. 



Following the Examiner’s recommendation the Council’s Cabinet also endorsed the plan on 23 July  subject to the local referendum

Minutes from 23 July 

The local Referendum takes place on the 6 September, and the outcome of this will be reported in due course

The results of the referendum


Visit the Neighbourhood Planning Referendums page for more information