Community Crisis Loans (CCLs)

CCLs are intended for applicants who are unable to meet their immediate short term needs either in a crisis in relation to some expenses or as a consequence of a disaster 

It is a loan and is must be repaid.

Expenses that can be considered whether the need arises from a crisis or a disaster are -

  • daily living expenses such as food, toiletries and fuel
  • meeting the cost of repaying emergency credit on a gas or electric prepayment meter so the supply of fuel can be maintained or restored
  • emergency accommodation charges when homeless - board and lodging or hostel
  • emergency travel expenses where the applicant is stranded away from home in a disaster
  • rent in advance payable to secure fresh accommodation where the landlord is not a local authority (but only in circumstances where an award for a Community Support Grant has been awarded)

Rules and exclusions apply. For further details regarding these, please call us on 01482 300 303.


A Community Crisis Loan could be awarded to you if at the date of application -

  • your main residence is within the Hull boundary
  • you are aged 16 or over and no one receives child benefit for you
  • you are without sufficient resources to meet your / your families immediate short term needs

Please note, you can normally only claim for two CCL awards within a 12 month rolling period, though more awards could be payable if the oldest or both of these loans have been paid back.

How to make a claim

To make a claim for a Community Crisis Loan you can either -

Complete the form online 

Please answer the questions in the form carefully and accurately as each application is checked and may be rejected if you do not meet basic qualifying conditions or have not fully completed the form. You may be notified by SMS text message if your application is rejected for this reason.


  • telephone 01482 300 303
  • call from a Customer Service Centre
  • ask a Trusted Referrer to complete the application for you 

Find your nearest Customer Service Centre

Find out more about Trusted Referrers 

How the loan is paid to you

  • PayPoint  - Money by unique code: a code will be sent by text or given in a letter that has to be collected by hand.  This unique code can then be taken to a local PayPoint outlet along with proof of identification to be changed into cash

Find out where your nearest PayPoint outlet is

  • Automated payment (BACS)  into a bank, building society, or other account you give us details of. You can use the following types of accounts - 
  • an account in your name or joint names that is suitable for BACs payments
  • someone else’s account; as long as you have the person’s permission for this and it is suitable for BACs payments
  • an appointee’s or a legal representative’s account, that is in their name, when they are acting on your behalf

How to repay the loan

Community Crisis Loans are a loan and therefore have to be repaid.

An invoice will be sent to you about two weeks after the award has been made ready for you to start repaying it, at a minimum of £5 per week.

A number of payment methods are listed on the reverse of the invoice.

If the £5 per week is to much the applicant must call the telephone number on top of the invoice to negotiate a different amount with our Debtors team. 

What to do if you disagree with our decision

First review

If you disagree with a decision you must contact us within 48 hours of the date of the decision and tell us why you disagree with it. This can be by telephone or writing.

The decision is looked at again by a different officer to the one who made the original decision, they  then contact you to let you know the outcome. This may initially be by telephone but you receive a written notification about all review decisions.

On first review send your request to - 
FAO Local Assistance Team
Hull City Council
PO Box 15

Second review

If you disagree with the outcome of the first review you can ask for a second review by an officer of our revenues and benefits adjudication team.

For a second decision your request must be received within 48 hours of the date of the first review decision. You can do this by telephone or in writing and you must tell us what it is you disagree with.

The adjudication officer reviews the decision again and contacts you to let you know the outcome. This may initially be by telephone but you receive a written notification about all review decisions.

On second review send your request to - 
FAO Revenues and Benefits Adjudication Team
Hull City Council
PO Box 15

More information and advice

Citizens Advice Bureau

CAB offers free, confidential and impartial advice covering a range of issues regarding general areas of law or specialist advice and support on Welfare and Benefits you can either ring 01482 300 303 to ask for an appointment or visit the Wilson Centre customer service centre to attend a drop in.

Find out more about Citizens Advice Bureau

Department for Work and Pensions 

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) may be able to provide financial help depending on your circumstances. They offer budgeting loans, short term benefit advances and hardship payments.

Access DWP for further information

If you would like to know how much benefit you may be able to receive or help with budgeting, visit our benefit calculator and budgeting tools