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The Latest People's Panel Vox Pop is open

Join 3000 other local people and tell us what you think.

The People's Panel is the easiest way to have your say about things that affect you. No meetings - we will send regular surveys straight to you.  This short survey is part of our Vox Pop series. Once you have completed this survey and provided your full contact details, you will become a People’s Panel member. This means we will then automatically send surveys to you by email 

This short survey asks about -

  • activism and activist organisations
  • types of protest
  • different types of people you meet
  • attitudes to different people
  • people understanding each other

Click here to complete the latest People's Panel Vox Pop Survey

This survey closes on Monday 14 September

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Click here for more ways to have your say including -

  • satisfaction with your neighbourhood
  • satisfaction with local services
  • satisfaction with the city centre regeneration
  • see thee latest resident weekly tracker results

Join the People's Panel

The People's Panel consists of over 2,800 local people from Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire who regularly tell us what they think  

People's Panel members have received all sorts of exclusive access - tea in the Lord Mayor's Parlour with the Lord Mayor, an exclusive behind-the-scene tour of the Guildhall, including the old courts and cells, as well as a special regeneration tour of the city

No meetings to attend, we send your survey straight to your inbox, and all you have to do is click the link, tell us what you think and you're done.  You will immediately be entered into the prize draw

People's Panel members can also sign up to receive short text polls, influencing more decisions that affect them

Getting involved couldn't be easier  

Join the People's Panel

The Peoples Panel

The People’s Panel is open to anyone aged 16 and over living in Hull or the East Riding. It currently includes over 3000 residents who regularly tell us what they think; influencing the way we design services and informing local policy

There are no meetings to come to. We simply email you a survey – you can complete the survey online in less than 10 minutes

What’s more – every time you complete a survey you could win a prize. All completed surveys are entered into a prize draw, with past prizes including high street shopping vouchers, flat screen TVs, tablet computers and VIP sports match day experiences

Find out the results of previous People’s Panel surveys

If you haven’t yet joined the People’s Panel, join thousands of other local people who regularly have their say about decisions that affect them

No meetings – we will email the surveys straight to you

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Enterprise Panel

If you are a local business, we also want your views about how we help local business to thrive.  Sign up to the Enterprise Panel now

Find out about the Enterprise Panel for businesses and organisations in the Humber region

Access previous People's Panel results

The last People's Panel survey asked about -

  • climate Change and Renewable Energy
  • Humberside Fire and Rescue Service
  • self-care and Prescribing (including over the counter medicines)

Access the June 2019 survey results

Previous People's Panel results and the results from other consultations and survey can be found on the Hull Data Observatory

Visit the "Have Your Say" area of the Hull Data Observatory

Other consultations and surveys

We also have a Panel for organisations in the Humber region - the Enterprise Panel  

Find out more about the Enterprise Panel

We ensure that it meets the needs and expectations of its residents by regularly consulting with individuals, organisations and businesses

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