Equality and diversity

What equality means to us

Equality and diversity is important to us and we are committed to making sure that people are treated fairly and with dignity. Our aim is to remove unnecessary barriers for everyone who works for us or uses our services.

We are committed to enhancing the quality of life in Hull by improving the wellbeing of all of its people, in all communities, by putting people and communities at the heart of everything it does.

We value the cultural diversity of Hull and the richness that this gives our city. Through the evolving City Plan, first launched in the summer of 2013.

We aim ‘to bring the whole community together to make Hull a place that  is brimming with culture, enterprise and opportunity; a place where people want to live work, play, study and do business; a city where those in the greatest need are valued and supported’.

We aim to mainstream equalities, thought and process, through the themes of the City Plan, our actions, decisions and the provision of our services and involvement of our communities.

Equality analysis

Equality analysis is a way of considering the effect on different groups protected from discrimination by the Equality Act. It involves using equality information, and the results of engagement with protected groups and others, to understand the actual effect or the potential effect of our functions, policies or decisions.

We have a legal duty to carry out equality analysis.  

Visit our equality analysis page for more information

Equality and diversity forums and networks

We support and work with many different forums to help us get our policies right and shape services to meet the needs of all of our customers. 

Visit our equality and diversity forums page for more information

Access of buildings and documents

The charter is a list of commitments, which everyone involved and agrees to abide by. By signing the charter, Hull City Council makes a pledge to implement the charter's action points.

This charter explores the main challenges that disabled people face when out and about  

Visit our Street Charter for Hull page for more information

Equality information and data

To meet the Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED), we provide equality information and data ranging from citywide statistics, equality impact assessment right through to individual project and programmes for the protected characteristics that ensure that the three aims of the PSED are achieved.

Our data and information is available to access on the Humber Data Observatory.

Visit the Humber Data Observatory website for more information

Equality achievements

The Council is a Stonewall Diversity Champion and a Disability Confident Employer .

Visit our equality achievements page for more information

Equality objectives

The Council's equality objectives are directly linked to the ever evolving City Plan, first launched in the summer of 2013.

We are committed to mainstreaming equalities through all aspects of The City Plan which under its 3 themes of -

  • UK Energy City
  • Destination Hull
  • community & opportunity

These cover all aspects of what makes Hull a place where people want to live, work, play, study and do business; a city where those in greatest need are valued and supported.

Equality and diversity is important to us,  we value the diversity of all Hull people and the richness that this gives our city. Within these City Plan themes we will continue to try our best to recognise inequality and promote equality and opportunity through everything we do.

We aim to -

  • ensure that training is available to all members of our staff so that they can understand equality and diversity, recognise injustice and equality and understand how they can influence equality of opportunity for all our community
  • increase the participation of under-represented groups in community and civic life
  • improve the voice and influence of local communities and ‘hard to reach’ groups

UK energy city 

Through the development of Hull as a UK energy city there will be an increase in jobs and opportunity; we need to ensure that no one is left behind

We aim to -

  • give our residents the best start, and everyone the opportunity to achieve their potential
  • improve and narrow the differentials in pupil attainment, including improving the educational outcomes for disabled children.
  • give children and young people the best start, and everyone the opportunity to achieve their potential
  • increase the proportion of disabled people in work
  • ensure that new housing is designed and built to be accessible and adaptable, suited to future proof the changing needs of all our residents
  • continually improve tenant satisfaction with housing

Destination Hull

Following Hull's year as UK City of Culture 2017, the investments already made and those committed to the City for future years, Hull is well on its way to becoming a world class visitor centre. 

We aim to ensure that -

  • these commitments involve all members of our community
  • anyone who wants to take part can take part 
  • the infrastructure of the city, its facilities, buildings and the spaces in between them are inclusive and safe to the highest possible standards.
  • the whole process from idea, through design, commissioning, procurement to completion of new projects designed to make Hull a world class visitor centre put the person, inclusion and usability first 
  • those who use the city have their say, through appropriate levels of consultation, on the inclusivity of their city and the effects on their equality of opportunity and participation in the life of the city  
  • we stage, support and positively promote diverse events in the city

Community & Opportunity

Hull aims to be a place of opportunity for all with strong, resilient communities by, safeguarding the most vulnerable, prevention and early intervention and making money go further.

We aim to - 

  • ensure our communities are safe
  • increase the accuracy of reporting in order to reduce the incidence of: hate crime and domestic violence
  • reduce community tension, bullying and harassment in schools
  • reduceof anti-social behaviour
  • improve the physical environment to promote strong, safe community
  • promote good community relations, recognising the diversity of the community as a strength
  • ensure people have access to health information and facilities
  • narrow the gap in health inequalities
  • support the vulnerable and those most in need to live independently
  • achieve greater independence for older and disabled people

For more information email us at corporate.equalities@hullcc.gov.uk

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