Playing pitch strategy 2011 -2021

The playing pitch strategy has been produced to help us make our decisions on the management and the development of our outdoor sports pitches.

The information contained in the strategy was collected between June 2009 and May 2010.

This strategy covers all organised outdoor sports including -

  • football 
  • rugby league 
  • rugby union 
  • cricket 
  • hockey 
  • baseball 
  • rounders 
  • tennis 
  • bowls 
  • american football 

It details the extent of the quality and quantity of grass and synthetic playing surfaces accessible to the general public in Hull and their ability to meet the needs of the users.

The strategy identifies 10 key recommendations -

1. All pitches should be capable of carrying a minimum of two games per week throughout the season, without excessive loss of grass cover.  Maintenance should therefore be improved to include the minimum requirements from the Sports Turf Research Institute (STRI) as detailed in appendices

2. A single access point should be available for the public to book outdoor sports facilities within the city. A more joined up approach particularly incorporating school facilities would be very beneficial in promoting the use of these pitches

3. All sites where there is community use of pitches should be provided with appropriate changing accommodation with shower facilities

4. Provision should be increased for mini and junior football and rugby by the establishment of a network of smaller sized pitches in accordance with governing body recommendations

5. Mini and junior football and rugby for teams and clubs without their own grounds should be encouraged to develop 'home grounds' at schools sites rather than on public parks to maximise the use of existing facilities

6. A network of training facilities with surfaces suitable for football, rugby and cricket should be established throughout the city.  These surfaces should ideally be floodlit and fenced and supported by appropriate changing facilities with showers

7. Due to predicted increase in demand for Rugby League and football as outlined through the playing pitch model, an increase in the number of pitches needs to be accommodated over the next 10 years

8. Improvement in the quality of cricket provision is required to promote and encourage the sport within the city

9. Access to tennis courts should be improved allowing the public more ease of entry into the sport through working closely with the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA)

10. The strategy and its findings should be used to help direct monies for the specific benefit of improved playing pitch provision. The strategy should also be used as the foundation from which to build proposals for development that will attract external funding 

Access the strategy and the supporting documents below