Street Charter for Hull

The Street Charter has been developed in partnership with a number of stakeholders.  These are listed below -

  • Hull Access and Improvement Group
  • Royal National Institute of Blind
  • Hull and East Riding Visually Impaired Forum
  • Local Authority Departments
  • individual disabled people

The charter is a list of commitments, which everyone involved and agrees to abide by. By signing the charter, Hull City Council makes a pledge to implement the charter's action points.

This charter explores the main challenges that disabled people face when out and about such as -

  • inaccessible crossings
  • shared space
  • parking on pavements
  • adverting boards
  • street/café furniture 
  • temporary street works 
  • wheelie bins/recycling bags
  • overgrown shrubbery and branches
  • dog fouling

Accessibility of shops and public buildings

Getting in, out and around shops and other public buildings can be difficult for disabled people, if they are not accessible. Our latest Hull Access Guide for disabled people is now available online which highlights the access information you may need to know before you visit somewhere. The guide has detailed information about access to all kinds of places including -

  • hotels
  • restaurants
  • colleges
  • tourist attractions
  • libraries
  • hospitals
  • leisure centres

Access to buildings and documents

All documents that we provide are available in Braille, and regularly translated into Hull’s top ten languages, large print and audio formats. We also provide interpreters for British Sign Language interpreters and the city’s top ten languages. 20200127165941