Illegal sales to young people

You can report a business if you suspect it is selling products to underage people. For guidance on the minimum age requirement refer to the table.

Products and minimum age requirement


Minimum age
12 15 16 18
Aerosol paints     X  
Airguns and pellets       X
Alcohol       X
Butane gas lighter refills       X
Caps, cracker snaps, novelty matches, party poppers, serpents and throwdowns     X  
Crossbows       X
DVDs and computer games, depending on classification X X   X
eCigarettes, nicotine cartridges or nicotine refill substances (Nicotine inhaling products)       X
Fireworks       X
Imitation firearms       X
Intoxicating substances (solvents)       X
Knives, knife blades, razor blades and axes       X
Liqueur chocolates     X  
Lottery tickets and scratch cards     X  

What happens next

We investigate any reports of businesses illegally selling to young people.

You receive an acknowledgment within three working days. We close enquiries within three months and you will be informed of the outcome.

Timescales may change if legal proceedings are required. If legal proceedings take place you may not always receive information and the outcome of the enquiry.