Grass cutting

We cut grass areas between March and October as follows -

  • general areas and verges are cut once every 15 working days.
  • rough cut areas are cut once a year (such as cycle tracks and undeveloped areas)
  • OAP dwellings (all flats and bungalows) are cut once every 15 working days
  • the grass edges next to any obstacles (lampposts, trees and so on) are trimmed twice a year

Grass cutting is dependent on weather conditions and schedules are subject to change accordingly.

The spraying of weed killer is carried out three times per year between April and November. We spray around trees and obstructions and along the bottoms of walls and fences with non harmful product.

Before grass can be cut any rubbish, litter or debris is removed from the site to allow the work to be carried out to the required standard.

We do not collect or remove the grass cuttings after the grass has been cut from -

  • general areas
  • verges
  • gardens of flats and bungalows

Contact us

For further enquiries, telephone 01482 300 300.