Humber Historic Environment Record

The Humber Historic Environment Record (HER) is the collection of all known heritage assets and historic landscapes within the East Riding of Yorkshire and Hull boundaries, which include archaeological sites, historic buildings and landscape features that date from the prehistoric period through to the 20th century. The Humber HER aims to record the heritage assets within our landscape.

We hold information on -

  • archaeological sites which remain below the surface and can only be seen from aerial photographs
  • standing monuments, buildings and earthworks
  • finds, such as flint or pottery, as well as metal detecting discoveries
  • archaeological investigations including published and unpublished fieldwork reports, such as developer funded work undertaken as part of the planning process
  • documentary evidence including local and national journals, reports of local, national and international interest, newspaper articles and historic maps
  • designated heritage asset records including, scheduled monuments, listed buildings, conservation areas and registered parks and gardens
  • photographic sources including aerial photographs and slides

The Humber HER is linked to a geographical information system (GIS), as well as a paper based record. Each Humber HER record has a unique reference number on the database which corresponds to an index card. Details of each site typically include -

  • type of site, for example a monument, building or findspot
  • a date, for example, the prehistoric period, Roman, medieval or modern
  • location
  • description and summary
  • sources of where the information came from, for example a fieldwork report, correspondence or photograph
  • details of any designation

There are three main ways to search the Humber HER.

You can find us on the Heritage Gateway. The searchable records on the Heritage Gateway provide a basic index to the more detailed information that we hold and provide a good starting point for information.

Digital searches can be provided on request. These can be provided in a variety of formats and can be used to identify records within a particular parish, defined search area or records of a particular archeological period for example.

For commercial searches please read our charging policy which is shown below.

To make a Humber Historic Environment Record commercial request please complete the attached form.

You can visit the HER office and access the paper based record including maps, index cards, documentary sources and photographic materials. We can also provide you with lists of information by parishes, site types or date. You also have access to our extensive reference library.

We always recommend a visit to HER in addition to requesting digital data or after searching the database online. You need to book an appointment to visit, please contact us via email or telephone 01482 217 466.

We do not usually charge visitors for staff time, as the first 15 minutes are free, and this usually covers the staff time in getting you started. Charges are also in place for photocopies. We are unable to raise an account of less than £10 so please ensure you have cash if you wish to use this service.

Following the implementation of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), please visit our privacy notice which can be accessed here -


The Humber HER is formerly known as the Humber Sites and Monuments Record and is part of Humber Archaeology Partnership.

For more information visit the Heritage Gateway website

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