Works to Trees and Tree Preservation Orders

Works to trees

If you wish to fell or carry out other works to a tree within a conservation area, or to a tree covered by a tree preservation order (TPO), you will need our approval. Carrying out works to protected trees without consent could result in prosecution.

You can request approval by filling in the treeworks application form.

How to find out if there is a tree preservation order on a tree

You can find out which trees are covered by a tree preservation order by checking the list of Tree Preservation Orders.

Other trees that may be protected

Sometimes when an area is redeveloped, planning permission is given on the condition the trees in the area are protected. If you wish to carry out works to a tree with this protection, you will need to write to us for approval. You should clearly explain what you intend to do and enclose a plan that identifies the tree.

You can find out if a tree is protected by a planning permission by contacting us on 01482 300 300 or email